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28 apr. 2010

Who you are following, or how many you follow?

It’s not who you know anymore – it’s who knows you…

…I guess is stated by one of still quite few people who are desperately hunting followers on Twitter.

The psychology of Twitter is great:
1. I say something
2. I want response
3. I don’t get response
4. I need followers
5. I follow as many as possible to show my presence
5. I get some followers
6. I improve my tweets to get response from my followers
7. I don’t get enough response on my tweets
8. I want more followers
9. I am totally impressed by anyone having lots of followers as I want them badly for my own tweets.

If you’re trying to or are going to sell anything it’s great to have many followers to have a bunch of loyal listeners to fast spread your word, but otherwise I suggest it is ‘who you are following’ that should make you worth more. Also I would get skeptical to someone who is sending 40 tweets per day. When does s/he deliver?

I guess it is easy to feel that Twitter is the only thing that matters anymore when you’re there trying to hunt followers, but “there is a small contingent of users who are very active. Specifically, the top 10% of prolific Twitter users accounted for over 90% of tweets. On a typical online social network, the top 10% of users account for 30% of all production.”

About 21% of 75 million registered Twitter accounts were active in 2010 - ca 16 millions, 34% have not tweeted since they created an account, 17% have no followers, 61% have less than five, 74% less than 10. 51% follow fewer than 5 and 60% less than 10.To me it sounds as at the most there are about 15 million people who use Twitter. Split those on 250 countries where countries as UK has about 712 000 active members, Norway 17 000 and France 6 700. 70% are 18-49 years old and half of the users have not been to college.

This image is by no means perfect or fully correct, but I’m thinking that Twitter is a powerful medium and will probably be far more powerful by soon time, but that there are still an awful lot of people who don’t use it, and that it takes a lot of time from actual deliverance from those who are not only using it for keeping updated, but for becoming acknowledged – only by them who spend time on Twitter.

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