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4 maj 2010

Where women are going

In the turn of the last century, women started to work outside of the homes for the first time. The industry recruited all forces, also women were welcome.

In the 10’s women had to take men’s jobs for the first time, and in the 20’s they could vote for the first time. It started off well. Self-for-sure women got inspired and empowered by wearing pants, smoking cigarettes and driving a car – they did it just as well as any man. But the 40’s were really tough times where it wasn’t all that fun to be both the man and the woman in the family - all alone with the family’s surviving on ones shoulders.

What a relief for both men and women to take a step back in the 50’s, back to the core family values where the man was working, bringing in the money, and the woman stayed at home, taking care of the family. It is somewhat of a working model as long as there is mutual respect and understanding for how it must be executed for everyone’s well being.

It failed. As the parents brought up well educated youngsters, they all wanted equality, their rightful chances and a great job with a great income. The 60s revolution swept away the perfect wife, and opened up the road for the free thinking, sexy and exposed woman.

All this naked flesh offered new ideas about the natural human being where no laws or boundaries were to prison women in bras or even in clothes.
Bodily equality was achieved, but in the 80’s the women wanted the money and the power too. They tried out the same power suites, vocabulary, education and even top positions as men, but with no success.

The strategy in the 90’s was to take all advantages they could from being a woman. The easiest way through history has been to use looks and sexuality to get anywhere and so it was. The winner was the girl who had a man who let her do all the shopping she wanted, who gave her statement bags, glamorous travels and who didn’t require any income or money from her as long as she looked good. Men were quite happy about this model too as it keeps the women out of the politics and away from the power. Others think it sucks to not share the responsibility of the family.

This lifestyle turned again to a longing for core family values, and there have never been so many babies born as the in the last decade, and never have the mothers had so long nails, been drinking so much coffee or looked as good – or had as good looking homes disposed in life style magazines. (The ‘I must and can be seen’ culture also took place).

Since a few years back the environmental problems have grown bigger on us. It makes us actually try to do it ourselves, to not consume every day, to keep recycle bottles under the stairs messing up our beautiful homes and to take the bike instead of the car sometimes. This is something that many women take part in - the earth, the everyday life. There are as always fashion that fits this current life style, but there is also another style matching the need of claiming the rights to the technology.

Women still are hard to attract to learn how to program or develop techniques that are crucial in our everyday lives – in entertainment, in education, in cooking, in recycling, in transportation, in shopping etc etc. I really hope that the upcoming decade will be when young girls realize that there is so much power and money in the tech science and that we neeeeed you to educate and become a part of the technical agenda. I hope that the tech/future fashion is predestining the future for us.

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  1. Du lägger tid här ser jag. . . jag är inte fullt lika duktig. . . tack för härlig promenad. . . blev kvar en stund utanför dig. . . vi hade inte träffats på minst 10 år så det fanns lite att prata om. . . kände mig genomfrusen när jag kom hem, först nu fingrarna har tinat. . .
    Ja, vi tjejer kan! kramis