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28 maj 2010

To do lists for everything

There are so incredibly many things I want to do. I'm doing them all the time, but yet I feel I don't have time enough for them all and I am not doing them fast enough. It's actually stressful to have the time and possibility to do all the things I want. The hard thing is to prioritize between them when it is myself who is the goal, the target. I want to do them all and there is no rational way, no economics, no guaranteed profits to lean to. Normally your job sets the prioritizations of the day, and this is something I'm an expert at - do things, prioritize, effectively manage all the tasks on long todo lists, one after another. I know how to get things done.

So this weekend it's todo list time. I need them to

- get an overview of how much it is, and how much time I can expect them all to take, (and here we're talking years actually)

- be as fast as possible and not spend an hour between one task and the next figuring out what the next should be.

- feel satisfaction (and kind of pride) when putting one behind, knowing I'm doing the right stuff and moving forward

- not get nervous about forgetting something

- trust that I will get them all done

I feel hope again. I will do everything I want, not only the things I do right now.

2 kommentarer:

  1. To me, it actually sounds like fun since I have a fetish for todo-lists. ;) I suppose you have read the book Getting Things Done? I'm curious to know what kind of tools you use for your to do lists? Online or offline? I use right now and it works quite well. Although, it tends to get longer and longer all the time even though I actually do a lot of things...

  2. I'm doing so simple with the todo list in igoogle so thank's for the tips. There are some iphone apps I'd like to try out, but that will be when I have more separated lives again, including a job, right now it's only me and my children to keep in mind.