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21 maj 2010

Question me, I live on challenges

Had a great meeting today with someone who did not agree on everything. This is quite unusual and to some almost rude when it is someone you meet for the first time. He kind of apologized after an hour for questioning about everything, I guess to assure that I did not get too uncomfortable, and I agree it could probably scare some. On the contrary I realized at the same moment that I truly enjoyed the situation. The key to this was of course that his questioning was challenging, not quieting me. He did not neglect my ideas, but asking why this was my thoughts as he didn’t have the same. This challenge is also a response - he listened and returned.

To talk to someone who is always questioning you can be dreadfully frustrating, and the outcome can be irritation and anger when you know it is about him or her just wanting it his or her way. Out of this conversation of today, many of my thoughts developed further, some were concretized, some were put in smaller situations and no longer generalizations, but still true. This kind of conversation is the loop of fun – challenge, improving, response – there is no stop to it, it can be eternal as it is hard to say that you master any subject where people have different theories, and it’s fun!

This is why talking to anyone anytime can be converted to great energy. Even hard and sad conversations add new information to the former knowledge and the ideas you have are developed further. It can be tough at the time, but soon you’re moving on with better knowledge and try it out on someone new.

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