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28 sep. 2010

Old and new in a wonderful mix

I love when you recognize something from the history, take it to our times and the mix goes all new. You get a sense of both history and of future in the same breath.

The first plastic wrap hairstyle is one of Kate Cusack's wigs - a fantastic mix of the strange 1800 century fashion with powdered pompous curls, and today's plastic orgies - both so unnatural. They remind me of how trends change even though we can't see them while we're in the middle of one. It would be weird wearing both the originals and this wig today.

The second is a promo picture for the CuldeSac Crazy Hair Art Workshop and is a fascinating mix of new techniques and an old fashioned almost etno style. It's one potion of russian, one of medival and a big one of future. I guess maybe Catherine the Great would have been proud to wear this overwhelming powerful hairstyle while we today prefer more sublte signs of wealth and power such as manicured nails. These are the times.

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