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4 okt. 2010

The things you put a lot of time on must be important

When I was a teenager I thought it was not aloud to paint and illustrate realistic, to copy a photo or to paint exactly the way it looked. The 70s was much more about abstract and naivistic arts. It wasn't actually until about 10 years ago when I saw Gunnel Wåhlstrand's magic huge canvases that I realized what it was that I wanted with those paintings.

It's the fascination of the history - what was - and of the moment - what once was now. When someone put a lot of time to visualize these moments, they gain importance. There is always something in that photo that has fascinated the painter, and I want to know what it was. When painting myself I kind of look into my own childhood when copying a photo. I see and remember new things when putting lots of time on it.

What to begin with looks as 'only' beauty often includes something more that makes us see it as beautyful - a feeling we share - as in Gregory Thielker's inside cars in the rain paintings. Melissa Cooke has put a lot of time in presenting the choking horror feeling, and the big size and realism makes it awfully obtrusive.

Today this kind of photorealism is well adapted into many different themes. They always work for me.

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