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7 okt. 2010

Only for Children's apps for iPad

Playing games with your kids can be really fun, or really stressful and enervating. Much of the pain comes from playing games suited for another age. It's amazing how exact the development of the mental skills are, they differs from month to month. A game that didn't work this summer, can be perfect only a few months later.

Before I've listed some iPad apps that works fantasticly for both 2 year olds and moms. Creative games tend to be fun for any age if you like the theme. The same goes for leasure for fun games that don't require any preknowledge to perform.

These three games below completely stress me out right now as Zack, 2,5 years old, love them, but doesn't fully understand them. He's just tapping the screen making things happen without any strategy or improvement. This kind of games are much more age specific - great and developing for the exact targetgroup but not as fun for others.

Itsy Bitsy Spider 7 kr

An interactive sing-book giving respons when finding the interactive areas. This works almost fine but Zack's tactics are to just tap the screen and see if anything happens, he's not using any kind of higher strategy to complete the story or song. In a month he probably will.

Pocket Frogs Free

This is more of a leisure game and works fine for any ages - or rather anyone older than 3 maybe. Zack adores it but hasn't a clue of that he's supposed to lead the frogs to catch flies and at a certain size they should find another frog to merge with and produce new colorful patterned frogs. I'm getting nervous by him not doing it the right way, while he's happy with it for hours.

Monkey Preschool 7 kr

This is of course a very age specific game and it's not made for children below 3, and yet it's amazing to see how both puzzles, colors and fruits drop into the right gaps - even though it's in english! Not so sure it's good for his staggering swedish: Mamma, jag vill ha en banana!

Peek-a-Boo 15 kr

I almost forgot this lovely app for the absolutely youngest ones. The baby is just going to find the hidden animal in each image and there are three different levels of difficulty. It's short fun though and Zack is drop dead cute when looking through his fingers saying Peek-a-boo in english, but it's only taking a few minutes of his attention.

iPad lekar för 2åringen... och för mamma

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