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22 dec. 2010

Dare to be in focus

I finally got it. The reason why all women adore Marilyn Monroe and why everyone dream of being one of Vargas beautyful pinups. It's been quite contradictive to me as those women actually are kind of abused and most of all artificial characters. No one is longing for being abused and artificial unless they believe it's the only way to get attention - and that was long ago, where it begun.

Today I'd say the reason is beyond that. It's the gut to put yourself in focus that is so appealing. To say that I'm worth looking at, I am your dream. Through being a man's dream you have the power. You can trade. It's kind of sad that it's an amount of make up, lots of bare skin and visible curves, fake haircolors and skyhigh heels that is the best way of becoming a man's dream.

I guess the look derives the history from the old days. Days when the only way for a girl to get any kind of power at all was through converting to a nightlife showgirl. When that kind of girl was the one doing sacrifices to get a little chance to a better life. When the idea was to seduce a prince who would adopt you. Sex traded for a bearable life.

Today I'd say we're not expecting the prince to pick us up. No trading is included in the plan. Today I believe many women have had a tough time fitting in to the perfect templates of women in media. They are too fat, too thin, too short, too something or not something. In the burlesque style it's not the size that matters and the rest you can fix with lots of make up and styling. Everyone can look gorgeous! It's your work on yourself that is daring, challenging, self-confident.

It's kind of liberating and we find self confidence in daring to say 'look at me, I'm your dream' instead of 'I look at you, you're my dream' or 'don't look at me, I'm nobody'. With the make up on you show everyone that you know that you are someone.

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