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22 dec. 2010

Pure White

It's easy to see if something white is soiled. When it's white it is clean. It doesn't say much but that it is free from bacteria, dirt and contagion.

White is also asleep. A still soft and embedded sleep for frozen buds. A long wait for spirit and energy to raise again. White is hiding things for later... when it's getting warmer. A white lie.

White clothes and furniture are for the luxury ones - those who have hired people taking care of the household and the kids. Else they are doctors with demands to display their cleanness. The futuristic bacteria free style was seen on the catwalks this spring, but right now the white trend is reflecting the hard upcoming winter. Snow and Ice are the inspirations. No idea to complain. We can't change the weather - or yes we have - but we can't change it right now. Let's just embrace it. The winter is here to stay.

(Chanel fall 2010)

White is untouched. Nobody's been there. (the street outside my door in nearest stockholm suburb)


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