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15 nov. 2010

November gray on my mind

BCBGMaxAzria Fall 2010

Gray is maybe the color that has the most impact on my mind. A gray snow slushy suburb square is so totally depressing, while a bare birch wood in november encourages me to breath life.

'It's gray' doesn't sound very positive. Gray sounds dull and gloomy, out of spirit, neutral. It's an everyday color making no difference. It doesn't require any attention. And exactly this can be relieving, soothing, meditative. It' lets the mind rest and focus on it's own path without getting interrupted.

It's amazing how different you can experience a gray landscape. To some extention it has to do with the materials. Concrete and steel connote construction, non flexibility and forced order while organic materials as whool, wood and stone signals wisdom of age, memories and hidden secrets. It's also possible to copy these two different versions through combining different shades of gray with eachother or just using one plain shade.

wall art fr Germany

grönt och gult

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