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22 nov. 2010

Take care of the smurfs for me today

When I started to play Farmville I got that 'aha' feeling. This is how it should be done. Today I say ok, every game can't be done exactly the same, it's not fun in the long run. But here is a version with those additions making it wonderful. The foundation is the same but as the Smurfs got a known history there are so many stories to build on. The presentsmurf brings me presents ever day, the firesmurf puts things on fire. There are different houses to buy/build for different effects and reasons. This is to me an improved and updated version of Farmville. Plus that the smurfs are lovable and always have been.

Smurf's Villag is for free on iTunes AppStore

More on the Farmville Aha feeling

Additions: Several blogs are reporting on the payment issue - when assigning you add your ITunes account and the kids easily make the money just click away...

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