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9 nov. 2010

Farmville for kids

Both Stardoll and Girlsgogames have lost quite a bit of traffic the last year. To Facebook??? Many of the users are too young though and there are more parents than I who know that Facebook was made for an older audience and that it is most uncertain whether it's suited for kids. But there is unexpected competition anyway.

My 8 year old girl used to stay a lot on both Stardoll and Girlsgogames. She's not anymore, she plays Farmville. But then you need friends on Facebook? Says who?

She plays it mostly on the iPad somewhere around us where we are at the moment. We can hear her comments and questions and easily help her out when required. And then her dad forwards messages from her neighbour - the son of a colleague at work. He thinks she's not working enough to enlarge her farm. She replies through the dads that he should make his farm look a little nicer. Back and forth it goes. They've been playing for some weeks now. Through their dads accounts without ever seeing Facebook.

The image from Mashable provides great figures on Farmville usage.

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