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13 nov. 2010

Kenza sets the path

I'm so happy that, somewhat I almost feel pride over bloggers like Kenza show everyone that there are other ways than those already set by men. There are successful business ideas and roads to take and make that only girls believe in. The men with power or competing say it is impossible that there is any big money in not being educated and writing about unimportant stuff as fashion, fun and just being young. Important to who? Obviously it is important to lots of ignored people. 200000 SEK per month (20000 USD) just by ads is not that small money.

Internet has opened up a market where the consumer leads no matter what businessmen decide is great or not. I'm looking forward to a future where women who have gained the same power will be a part of the business analysis and will be part of a more diverse trade.

Kenza has now her name on shoes

Proof on her blog (in swedish)

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