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8 nov. 2010

Looklet's impact on lifestyle

I love looklet, but here they show that they are not aware of the impact they as a messanger and images as a medium have. It's obvious that they try to be startling with headlines as 'Smooth Criminals' and 'Pamela Des Barres', but I truly hope the fashion concept below doesn't spread around. It's so easy to get used to and accept an image, a style, a concept, a habit just by seeing or hearing it often enough. This is a stylish image, but the lifestyle is maybe not that grate and should not be glorified. It's even a lie that you will be able to stay a chic party queen all through your pregnancy and the following years - says a bitter mother of three :-). And again we'd rather be Joan than Betty.

The problem is that I just helped them spread it around...

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