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22 jan. 2011

Different opinions are great - different goals are not

Different opinions can lead to the most magic end result ever. When being in the middle of the process you probably go home from a discussion of different opinions and complain 'she's always persisting with her idea about bla bla' and you feel frustrated. But in the end, when a fantastic product is released and you look back on the production, you realize that it was great to get all aspects, knowledge and ideas put together into the best ever set. That you were wrong in some ideas and right in some and that you're happy that your colleague was so persistent.

Having different goals is the opposite. It results in endless lead times, eternal discussions and a half as good product as it could be. Must remember to not mistake one for the other.

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  1. This makes me think of a schizofren organisation - think one thing and do another thing. Sometimes we just keep fooling ourselves by not saying and doing what we think. The goal has to be clear for everybody and discussed so that everybody is aware of what it will mean.