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8 maj 2011

Gamification a model of Pedagogy

I found this useful blog on gamification some time ago. It's Michael Wu, Scientist of Analytics who sorts the gamification concept out to us.

I realized long ago that gamification and my knowledge of Pedagogy are very close connected and with Wu's conclusion below this connection is well formed.

So why do game mechanics/dynamics have the magical power to turn boring chores into desirable activities?

1. Game dynamics use positive feedbacks (e.g. points, badges, status, progression, customization, surprises, social factors, etc.) to build up the users’ motivation.
2. They increase the perceived ability of users by making difficult jobs simpler and more manageable; either through training/practice or by lowering the activation threshold of the target behavior.
3. Game dynamics place triggers in the path of motivated users when they feel the greatest excess in their ability. That is, triggers that prompt the user for action are designed to bring about the convergence of motivation, ability, and trigger all at the same moment.

The target of gamification and pedagogy are the same, and as pedagogy only have a target and not one model, gamification is one pedagogical model.

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