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13 juli 2011

Cacharel just made me feel old

This is pretty much exactly what I'd like to wear all this summer. This Cacharel collection was one of those you feel directly when you see them that this my look for the summer. I felt a little modern there for a while. It has all the practical styles - the skintones (that didn't work out at all as cheap copies as the nyance requires very high quality textiles to not become seedy), the updated 60's dresses, the florals, the bright colors, the psychadelic prints and the classic and simple cuts that last forever.

Even so Cacharel is closing the cooperation with designer Céderic Charlier after only four seasons and welcomes chinese Ling Lie and Dawei Sun. If it was to return to their traditional brand of romance I would not think too much about it, but I doubt that's the reason and guess they on the contrary are expecting a modernization of the brand. This makes me feel old.

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