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26 juli 2011

We get what we want with Facebook ads

Someone called me from the radio the other day, wanted to ask me some questions about Facebook ads. I recommended her to talk to someone who's working with ad sales, as they proudly will inform her of how detailed and excellent they can work today to reach their target groups. My guess was that the journalist calling was of an opposite opinion. I had just been warned by someone in a discussion group to not fill in any profile informations on Facebook as the entire world will start to look exactly like you.

Ad sales teams consider their work to be a service both to the users and to the company. Free, or almost free, online features require loads of traffic and ads is an obvious source. The higher click rate you get the better optimized ad of course. You obviously don't want to pay for unclicked views. Loads of different versions of ads are tested and over time adjusted to what the audience is responding to - we get what we want. The sad effect of this is (if they senders do it right) that all I will see finally is blond middle aged women, or maybe even worse - very young blonds with fit bodies and no kids, but I will for sure not identify myself with any other skin colors or social classes than my own. Feels somewhat as a step back to the 50s only that everyone will have different normalities.

Letting Facebook normalize your world is not allways appreciated. On the other hand badly targeted ads are frequently mocked with the ironic comment 'Who do Facebook think I am?'.

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