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2 juni 2010

I am strength, what is you?

My 8 year old daughter came to me the other day with a bunch of cards. Each card presented a word - the words were

materialism, greed, tyrant, strength, anarchy, loyalty, wealth, earth, envy, wisdom, old woman, experience, woman, joy, enemy, changable, development, friend, achieved goals, herd, danger, safety, curage, coldness, rest, stubborn, carefulness, the young, late, a new idea, a newbie, a new start, bewilderness, old man, based, hurry, unsure, thought, man, boy, woman, girl

If you are one of these words, which is it? she asked me.

Strength I could answer after a few seconds. This confirmation from myself has given me even more of the same value all day. It empowered me to be reminded of what I am and how I feel.

Achieved goals is me, she replied.

This exersize was not so bad.

Which word is you?

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Malin,

    My word is curage.

    Curage in heart and actions. Important in my life where I dare to expand my borders and support others to expand theirs. In work with human development curage is an key to success. This is what I think when I read you'r daughters words.

    All the best, Maria

  2. I hope this short reflection as for me, will give you more of it all day, just because you got reminded :-). Have a great Thursday!

  3. Maria pratar om sitt mod på