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4 aug. 2010

Merge magazines and online shopping

Net-a-porter is taking a huge step towards what all magazines must become - and maybe all fashion online shopping devices as well. This is what you really want a traditional magazine to be, that has not been possible in print, but is online. It's a merge of instant online shopping and a glossy fashion magazine.

All images you see, even the ads, are linked to a shopping layer.

For navigation you both have the glossy cover, an image overview and the number of pages to flip from 1-49. All those versions are needed to find your way back to where you were, to get a grasp how much you have left of the experience and to get the full magazine feeling that you don't want to miss.

There are of course few articles, net-a-porter is an online shopping site, but those added are great presented, they are on fashion and illustrated with lots of images, more than in a traditional magazines as that many images would take too much space in the layouts.

Now I only long for additions of/from users - possibilites to add comments on everything as well as blogs and uploaded personal images according to each garment and article.

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