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9 jan. 2011

Cute overload for kids

Today I visited an ongoing pet fair to make a happy Sunday of this last grey day of the holidays. It's primarily my 7-year old girl who gets those big sad eyes full of empathy and caretaking needs when seeing any animal smaller than a pig. For a long time Animal-Lovers was the very most popular club on Stardoll. It was finally terminated to reappear in smaller cathegories. There is obviously something huge in big heads and eyes on unproportionally small bodies.

I don't really get it even with the youngest kids, but even less when teenage girls and boys race with their bunnies. What are they saying in school? 'My biggest interest is to race with my cute bunny, you should join'? Probably - and why not? What is it that I don't approve of that so many other girls are so convinced of?

For all of you who do get it, check out Cute Overload, and please give me a hint.

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