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15 sep. 2010

Looking for the perfect shopping experience

A friend told me how she very unexpectedly got the question ’Why aren’t web shops profitable?’. I started to think about what I would have been answering to that question.

My first thought is that I can’t say anything about it as I don’t know the stats to analyze. If I expect the range to be attractive and have a market I still need the information on

- how much traffic these bespoken web shops have
- from where the traffic come
- how much of that traffic converts
- on what visit they do convert
- how these who not convert behave on the site
- the average purchase
- the exact curve of purchases
- how many purchases are made in average per person
- how often a visitor returns to the site
- how often a converted visitor returns to the site
- most and least purchased items
- what are the most and least profitable items
- how is the sales affected by specific seasons, events etc?

When having thought this, I continued – do the online shopping sites know the customer's shopping experience by heart and do they have clear and specific sales goals?

I’d say that RAISE THE SALES might not be a goal clear enough for the team to reach. You have to know your customers and work on each little step they take, each experience they have. Are there set goals on each of the parameters above? Do they work consciously on each and every one of them? Probably no.

How big is the target group shopping online at all compared to how many have found the specific site? Is the selected market big enough? Probably no.

Is the site competitive to other alternatives? Is there a WHY the customers would buy from the online site instead of somewhere else – is the WHY good enough? Probably no.

For example - Is the natural losses from the real life experience compensated in the online shopping process? Probably no.

My experience is also that the almost impossible can be possible if you are challenged and focused. There are some pits to fall into though… You have to be smart and know the customers all the way!

A true shopping experience to attract new buyers, who then order more online... even thought the nearest supermarket is full of coffee.

Starplaza is an attempt to offer a full shopping experience with the best from real life and online possibilities.

Also check out the new upcoming online shopping style from Net-a-Porter

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