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13 mars 2011

Confidence for a great product

I don't believe in developing a concept out of pure information, without your heart in it. It might get great but not as good as it could get. On the other hand I don't believe in just letting a team make any game or product they want with hopes that it will become a hit either... unless you have unlimited resources and can afford to loose or win. This has been a little confusing to me for sometime and yesterday a friend sorted it out for me. It's about self-confidence, and I believe he is right.

If the product derrives from statistics you must feel sure of and present that this is what we know you need and will love. If the product is a product of heart and gut feelings you must tell the world that this is the coolest thing on earth, trust us, we know.

It's a little tricky to convince your boss though that you should go for your idea, because your more self confident than anyone else :-S.

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