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6 juni 2010

Winning Trend of Hope and Truth in Eurovision Song Contest

I totally adore Eurovision Song Contest. It’s a great remainder of old times when Europe needed a neutral occation to join, have fun, find and respect each other. It still works. We wouldn’t see or hear anything of most of the countries participating if it wasn’t for the ESC. And all countries really take the advantage to show off. Or at least they do their best, even though the taste of the different countries sometimes varies. But very often it doesn’t vary at all, and that’s when the show becomes so amazing. It’s when most countries put their 12 points on the same artist that I get the thrill.

I love to see the different classics in the contributions every year, but this year I also realize that there are true trends in the winners.

Much of the show is about putting up an as unforgettable show as possible. If the tune isn’t great enough, the artist try to put as much fire as possible on the scenery, literal speaking, but the past 4 winners are the songs that don’t need any glitter. Europe (always weirdly including Israel) can see through all the make up and hears the voices that brings something alive inside.

This year it was German Lena Meyer-Landrut who in spite of the commercial process to get her in place, was the most honest, direct and believable participant. She’s a girl we put great hope in for the future.

Last year Norwegian Alexander Rybak went right for our hearts with his dreamy Fairytale, also he is young, believable and gives great hope.

Dima Bilan is the most commercial and spectacular of the four, and it was probably more Evgeni Plushenko and Edvin Marton who gave the hope. Cheap tricks, but skills are always impressive.

First out in this trend was Serbian Marija Serfovic with an extremely strong message and more believable than anyone ever on that stage.

I love these winners. No glitter, only personality and a hopeful message. They show me how people around Europe are growing able to handle the huge amount of noise and cosmetic.

I love the Etno Super Gods trend winners the four year before that too (Lordi, Paparizou, Ruslana, Sertab), all powerful numbers mirroring our needs of those times of Heroes from the Roots.

Looking forward to next year, trends are never very far these times, and we're already in the future. What are our needs, who will we turn to in the future? What comes after Power, Roots, Truth and Hope?

Also I recommend seeing this event with your Twitter feed to get real life communication with people from all the countries. It really brightened the experience. Need the hashtags sorted out though #ESC #Eurovision #songfestival #songcontest #Eurovisionsongcontest #ESC2010

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