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13 juli 2010

LEGO only for 50% of all children?

All my family loves LEGO. The two older girls build fantastic villas and rebuild them in three different versions. Their dad is freebasing anything they ask him for, and the 2 years old boy create high towers in Duplo, and show big interest in the girls' creations. But those villas is just about the only 'girly' full LEGO set there is to find on the market.

Why on earth is LEGO mainly targeting boys??? Hwo decided that girls don't buy LEGO? Of course they aren't - when this is the range to choose from...

We are totally looking forward to the new product Architechture! Highly educational, so much to tell and talk about when building.

We love Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Pirates but there are not many female carachters to choose between, and they all seem kind of helpless.

It is very much of the early gaming industry with heroes saving the females from Donkey Kong and others. Also games were from the very start very gender neutral with Pong and Pac Man as family games, and also games turned to a boys' activity. But games have come further when presenting a variated range of characters today.

My girls' also ask for fairytales as Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. As a parent I would of course love to see bigger variations in products as Technic and Mindstorms to let the girls build something else than cars and maybe a more feminin designed robot.

The girls love Atlantis though I'm very much missing the sirens to make it a little more diversified. I'm wondering why they, as in the early gaming industry, have chosen the very male inhabited Prince of Persia before any Greek or Roman Mythology that would both be wonderful, educational and fully gender neutral with lots of diversifed characters.

The BelVille range is INSULTING!!! Mostly small sets with mainly big modules to put together in a few moves.

What kind of City is this? Do you think anyting is missing? See my girls' whish list below...

We would like to complete our city with
hospital (Grey's Anatomy?)
school (High School Musical?)
nursery school
farm (the one there is is also insulting)
public bath
sports arena
department store
shopping street
chinese, greek, dutch, swedish traditional houses
and more and more...

Please LEGO, reconsider your entire brand promise and add some gender neutral values to reach out with education and entertainment for all children, not only half of them.

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