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24 juli 2010

A flash of Sherle's gym from SF to Sthlm

This t-shirt I bought in San Fransisco a few years after my first visit. This time we stayed at the Spray mansion on the hills - as taken from a 70s movie. We spent hours in the vintage stores before we returned to Lake Tahoe for my first attempt to snowboard ever. Lake Tahoe was fantastic but this winter – 10 years later – I finally stated that steep slopes are not for me. I love to ski for miles, all alone in the white quiet, but fast slopes are made for another type than me.

It was great though to learn it in the US. People all around me in the slopes were yelling at me – ‘Up you go’, ‘Give it another try’, ‘We’ve all been there’! And everybody used the few minutes in the lines for the lifts to get a chit-chat. If anybody would yell at you in the slopes in Sweden you would get scared and establish that they were drunk.

My boyfriend made me aware, just a couple of days ago when I was working out in this t-shirt, of that it doesn’t say Shirley’s as I always thought. It’s Sherle’s. WHO WAS SHERLE? Maybe not even a she I realized! This t-shirt has probably fit some San Fransisco gay gym owner from the early 80s! It was maybe combined with tiny shiny satin shorts once, maybe even roller skates. I suddenly got a flavour of the 80s Jane Fonda glamour around me!

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