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8 juli 2010

Bondelid 15 years +

As writing about Quality to use and reuse I started to think about all those old garment I have, which they are. Many of them are actually Swedish brands, most of them are also classic styles, they never go out of fashion really. These I have here in the summerhouse are non what fantastic, just comfortable.

I realized many of them have their story, this is maybe the more dramatical one, but I promise it’s not due to the story that I have saved it, but to that there is no reason to throw it away.

This shirt is inherited from my boyfriend. It was there when I moved in with him 14 years ago. I have never seen him wear it, it was probably several years old already by then.

It’s a Bondelid oversized cozy shirt, perfect to just put on for the late night video sofa. The winter 8,5 years ago when I was pregnant for the first time, was a cold one and I wore it daily the last month. I didn’t actually wear it on the day the labor started, I had a job meeting. I thought the labours would last for hours, and I did as they had told me – I took a bath. Thirty minutes later I started to bear down, rolled myself out of the bathtub and put on just anything I could reach – this shirt and my brother-in-laws knitted sweater. My sister helped me put on my silk pyjamas pants for the bottom, plus a terry cloth.

It had been snowing all morning, everything was chaos, the traffic was completely jammed, and fourty minutes later Lily spotted the light. The next time I came in the same door I didn't recognize a thing and I can't remember a face from this happening, only that I wanted to get there in time. We did.

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