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11 juli 2010

Vintage Levi's from Height Street

This old Levi's sweater I bought in one of the vintage stores on Haight Street in those happy days even before Spray supplied their employees with a spectacular villa in San Fransisco. This first visit was in 1996. It was our first summer together and Sebastian had to go there for a couple of weeks with a bunch of rediculous young guys, making business in the enormous States.

When it was my turn to join them, Sebastian and I made the classic Highway One by car to LA, over to Vegas and on to Lake Tahoe. Sebastian had once been to Lake Pahoe and we thought all the time that was where we were going only that it had been moved many canyons and hours further away than the time he had been there. It was fun afterwards, but we have lots of photos of never ending roads in the desert indicating how strange it was right then.

Now I realize how I'd love to know where this sweater had been before I bought it. Who wore it?

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