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7 juli 2010

In Fashion I go for version 1, in Tech I wait for version 2

I’m not an early adopter of technology. When it comes to fashion I am quite savvy and passionate why I understand what drives the tech people. It sounds cool to be one, as if you’re in the very front of the future, but I don’t have the patience with the first version. I let those who are the savvy ones guide me, they enjoy it.

I don’t have a genuine interest in how the technical development is possible, I just want it done. I want my tech stuff to be usable, to solve my problems in the best of all ways. I don’t want to struggle with bugs, bad user interfaces, buzzing fans, disproportionate sizes and missing dampers. It is not fun, but expensive and unecological as I have to buy a new one very soon.

Being an early adopter also means being alone in for example a community. Boring. I jump on the train when others have tested the advice for me and the improved version 2 is released, when there are many users sharing the experience.

This tells me how important it is that version 2 is improved according to the previous problems. Early adopters accept bugs and difficulties, we followers don’t.

I use myself as a landmark when developing features on the latest techniques. I know when the mass is prepared to welcome them – for their purposes. I’m good at finding new using areas with existing conditions. If I use it, everyone else will sooner or later too.

I am never alone.

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