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16 juli 2010

Red Cross app is out of King... and symptoms

You see content is still King. You get reminded when you run into a feature where this is forgotten.

When you have put time on programming this great summer tool, why on earth don't you fill it up properly - with content. It's just to put a student to do some quick research and to add it to the database - and voila - this would be a great app. Now it is just a few posts on what you can do when being hit by a small selection of summer terrors. There are not even symptoms described why I'm not even sure what it is I am hit by.

And nowadays it's impossible to suggest an over-the-counter cure without partner deals as I guess Red Cross don't want to be subjective, a service I'd love in this app.

A little more job must be put on the content to make the concept good, and all marketing is not good as I distrust Red Cross a little more after this.

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