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17 okt. 2010

By men for men

On the airport today I saw a rare commersial. It presented about 50 men dressed in jeans and white shirt, looking the same direction. It's not very often men are presented in groups. Men only. Men are often the only guy in the commersial. The one and only. In group they are homosexuals - targeting the gay audience. What men would like to be sexy around other men...

When googeling 'men' or 'group of men' I get no commersials but teams. Sport teams. Office teams. Hunting teams.

Women are often presented in groups with no association to homosexuals. When googeling 'women' I get lots of commersials with groups of sexy looking women. To whom are they selling? To women who want to be sexy around other women or to women who are not very unique, but one in a group, a group of preys.

These images are both reflecting the existing society and reinforcing it.

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