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22 okt. 2010

Girls want to turn the gossip off

If there are changes in how grown up women relate to themselves, the changes with teenage girls are not as evident. Being a teenager meens a lot of friction. Friction about who you are, who to be, how to be seen, how to be heard. Creating a meeting place for that kind of sparkeling, shivering group is not always easy.

The girls cheet on eachother, have not the same limits as we grown ups and yet they require the highest level of freedom. They don't only accept that there are limitations to other people's bad behaviour - they disapproave of allowing and encouranging it, but the same limitations are not accepted when doing nothing wrong.

One thing about communicating catches my interest - they actively look for forums to communicate in, but they demand to turn it off when they do not want to be reachable. They want to refuse to participate in the dialogue when they are not interested. I'm glad to hear that. This seems sound.

Great reading from lovely longtime Stardoll member Lel1996 on her Stadoll Blog.

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