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22 okt. 2010

Radical Homemakers

Through a comment from to wonderful UnderbaraClara on her great talk about the domestic interests of smart modern women, I found this supporting author.

Shannon Hayes has written a post and the book Radical Homemakers about the times, about why educated women keep the core values of home, family and pottery but not to discrimination or victimization.

Long before we could pronounce Betty Friedan’s last name, Americans from my generation felt her impact. Many of us born in the mid-1970s learned from our parents and our teachers that women no longer needed to stay home, that there were professional opportunities awaiting us. In my own school experience, homemaking, like farming, gained a reputation as a vocation for the scholastically impaired. Those of us with academic promise learned that we could do whatever we put our minds to, whether it was conquering the world or saving the world. I was personally interested in saving the world. That path eventually led me to conclude that homemaking would play a major role toward achieving that goal.

Read the full post in Yes Magazine

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